Fold your documents and save on Postage with Columbian Envelopes

Matt R July 9, 2011 0
Did you know that simply folding documents in half and utilizing a 6″x9″ envelope instead of mailing documents flat in a 9″x12″ envelope, you can save a lot of moolah?
The Motley Guy likes the sound of that.
How often do you send 8 1/2″x11″ papers? All the time, we know. So why not try this out: Columbian’s CO995 – stock up with your favorite dealer and watch the costs roll in. Example: start spending 42 cents instead of 83 cents for the same documents (under 3 oz, of course) and do the math…. that’s almost a 50% savings!
Next: How much did you spend on mail last year? Oh geez….

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