Plan on failing if you fail to plan!

Matt R August 22, 2011 0

The Motley Guy has a question for you:  (and we need an honest answer)  If I were to ask you to locate your notes from the meeting you attended back on March 26th (don’t say you weren’t in the office that day, go along with me here…), could you locate those notes?   What if those notes had very important training information, or detailed specs on a new product, etc… would it matter, would you still be able to locate them?

Chances are NO!

Chances are you’re like most people that aren’t real organized with their note-taking.   Maybe you just grab a sheet of paper out of the printer, jot your notes down and the sheet eventually makes it’s way to the recycle bin a few weeks later.  Maybe you’re not that bad, maybe you go the route of using a legal pad that looks great when you begin to use it but quickly becomes messy as you’ve flipped over page after page, ripped off various sheets and one yellow sheet begins to blend in with the next.

At-A-Glance has a solution for you: our At-A-Glance Planning Notebooks


Planning notebooks are notebooks with planning applications built-in them to help you be more organized with your note-taking.   Built-in date boxes allow you to date your notes so you can know EXACTLY when those notes were written.  Year reference calendars on the bottom of the page so when you’re in that morning meeting and the boss starts talking about future dates you can know exactly what day he or she is referring too…  Choose from a variety of styles whether its our “Circle The Date” style, Two Days per a Page, Reference Calendar style and more… These books come in 6×9 or 8×11 sizes and in either grey, orange or black color options.

This video breaks it down even further:



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