“Looking Forward” with your NEW Desk Calendar from At-A-Glance®

Matt R October 26, 2011 0

Let me preface this awesome, life-changing new desk calendar from At-A-Glance® by stating, this new product will not fix the country’s economy.  It won’t put more people back to work nor will it stop the war on terror.   But with that said, it will make thousands of workers throughout the world, very very happy, therefore, I’d like to consider it a world-changer.

It’ll help them be more efficient and it’ll eliminate a small frustration that EVERY user of a desk calendar can relate to.  If you’re not a desk calendar user, ask one of your friends to explain to you what The Motley Guy is talking about.

The product is our new Look Forward desk calendar from At-A-Glance®


The frustration that arises with desk calendars is while approaching the final weeks of the month and dates start filling up for the next month you have to constantly flip the calendar up to the next page to fill in the dates.  There are two problems with that: 1) it’s not that simple, because if your like desk is like most (and The Motley Guy has seen A LOT of desks in his short-life) they are covered with things, so flipping it up also means pushing off everything that’s sitting up top.  2) it’s just annoying.  Like everything in our world, if we have to do a little extra work and we’re able to find a way to make the process a tad bit easier, we’re all for it, this makes the process of dating your desk calendar, THAT MUCH EASIER.

After the second week, there is a perforation that allows you to fold-down the first two weeks or simply tear it off but either way it exposes the first two weeks of the following month while continuing to show the three remaining weeks of the current month.  The months alternate in color to help the user identify which month is which to avoid confusion.  The months are listed on the left tab next to each week to serve as an additional reminder of which month is which.  To help keep your desk calendar clean, you’ll also find a perforation at the bottom of each page for easy removal from one month to the next.  Pretty cool the thought process that goes into something as simple as a desk calendar, this is sure to make some people happy.


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For this product:   SKU #: AAGSKLKFW32

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