The Guillotine is Back!

Emily G. April 22, 2014 0

Boy, am I glad for the guillotine! Its sharp edge makes it easy to cut precisely –Perfect for all of your chopping needs! Plus, it’s ergonomically designed to make cutting super easy! No more straining your arm for a bit of slicing.
There’s no reason to be surprised! I’m only talking about the Cutline G — the newest paper guillotine from HSM. It’ll cut your paper like no other, with straight, sharp edges making your work look professional and tidy. It was designed with you in mind–the Cutline G Guillotine has an easy to use handle and a protective finger guard to make sure that you keep all of your limbs in their place. It’s not a real guillotine after all!
Click here for more information, and contact your Motley rep for more details!

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