Your Boss would much rather you buy these than not, I promise you

Matt R September 28, 2018 0

Not a trick question: are you at a desk right now? No? Are you at work? Also No?  Chances are, you are one of the tens of millions of hardworking hands-on guys and gals who needs their body (and not just their minds) to earn a paycheck. Keep reading if we’re on the right track.

Right this moment, we’re addressing safety. Are you fully guarded against the hazards around your workplace? Falling objects, flying projectiles, loud sounds? Heavy objects? Vehicles!?  Holy cr*p it’s dangerous, isn’t it?

Take a hot minute and put in an order for the safety gear you know you’re missing. 3M® offers your office supplier all the gear you need. Just make sure and order before it’s too late. Trust me: your boss would much rather a new hard hat than a $$$ worker’s comp claim!!

Click the object below to get the item number:


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