Industrial Times call for Industrial Measures

Andrew H February 19, 2019 0

Spring is nearly here! Am I optimistic or what?

Serious spring cleaning begins by getting up the dirt, salt, mud and snow-turned-water that gets tracked into your office from the dirty outside. That’s not a job for your dustbuster. And did you know that vacuuming water with a regular vacuum can ruin the motor? Don’t make a costly or frustrating mistake: get the tool you need for the job: an Industrial Shop-Vac. Your office supply dealer has several options:

  • If you’ve never had a wet/dry vac, start with item SHO 9625110 – with its 5 HP & 12 gallon tank.
  • Maybe you already have a Shop-Vac that a huge building shares? Order the small, inexpensive but efficient SHO9650610 with its 3 HP motor & 6 gallon tank capacity. Keep it handy near high traffic areas; store it in your coat closet? Just don’t fall too in love and take it home – order your own!!
  • Already have an old vac and want a step up, check out the catalog  and pick one of the dual stage units on pages 13-15. Also, Made in the USA, so feel good about supporting American jobs!
Shop Vac with included accessories

Accessories that come with single and dual stage wet/dry vacs, pictured here. Make sure to order extra bags so they’re handy for dust and fine particle cleanup. Wet vacuuming? Ditch the bag before you start ‘er up!



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