Don’t give Purell to Babies.

Matt R December 28, 2019 0

That was the advice, nay suggestion……. make that rule shared by an associate during a Gojo meeting a few months ago. You see, my son is a year old and the 3 oz (read: TSA friendly) travel sized Purell® FST® hand sanitizer normally found in my briefcase, was suddenly discovered during a recent flight.

I have to admit, he’s a good traveler, but that’s on Mom & Dad keeping his focus on happy things. So here comes the grenade-shaped olive green ergo friendly bottle clearly designed for babies. No?

Maybe not, but you gotta admit……it’s awfully appealing to babies or solders since they find their utility (screw top cap with easy grip?) so catchy.

But in truth, I had a reality check today and promptly checked my FST back into my briefcase after I envisioned ANY amount of Purell down a baby hatch. Not good.

The message here is simple: Purell kills 99.9% of germs so it’s legit. That doesn’t make it baby safe. Wait until they’re three years old before introducing them to this magical formula and we’ll all be happier because of it. Or drain the bottle, give it a wash, and count the happy minutes your toddler enjoys his or her favorite airplane travel toy. With that…have a great weekend! ~TMG

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