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Everything in the office product industry seems to come in a cardboard box or at least to me it seems that way…  As you watch the shipments leave your warehouse or as you watch your shipments come thru the door, either way, they come in a cardboard box… what do you do with the cardboard box.  Do you pay for a service to come and remove your cardboard boxes?  Ouch!  Do you throw away those boxes?  What a waste… and The Motley Guy doesn’t like being wasteful and neither should you…

I’ve got a solution… why don’t you: Shred it, Re-Use it, Save Green ($$$) and Be Part of the Green Team at the same time, all with the help of HSM’s German-Engineered Profi-Pack… Look how it works:


You break down the cardboard, slide it through the machine and “WA-LA” you now have cardboard packaging material…  Below is what the cardboard looks like on the other side after it’s put through the machine, it’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed, like the gentleman below (Disclaimer Alert: working the machine with your eyes closed is not encouraged and not recommended and we are not responsible for the actions of the gentleman below, nor do I even know the guy below)


A closer look:


See it in action for yourself, by watching the video here

It gets pretty intense around the .40 second mark and even more so around the 1:20 mark, be prepared!

I have a machine for you, my HSM Profi-Pack Cardboard Shredder can help you take care of all your cardboard.  You ever think about shredding cardboard?  I didn’t think so… Contact The Motley Guy!!!

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