Is your next soulmate a WALLMATE?

Matt R May 27, 2011 0

Okay, okay, okay… maybe I took it a little far.  I don’t have any products in my bag of goodies that is warranted to become your soulmate (at least I don’t think so) but either way, I promise that you will fall in love with the brand new WALLMATES from At-A-Glance.  Before I even jump into the details about this product, this item is newer than new, so new, that neither you or The Motley Guy himself can even buy it yet, not until the end of July, I’m just here to whet your appetite.


At-A-Glance will be releasing at the end of July our Brand-New, Self-Adhesive, Repositionable, Dry-Erase Wall Planning Products, called WallMates! It’s as simple as the message reads above: “Peel, Stick, Done!” No tools are required, its a beautiful thing.  Envision a sticker of sorts, you un-peel it, stick it up on your surface and you’re good to go.  It’ll stick on any surface you want to stick it on, including the fabric of a cubicle, and when your pesky boss moves your cubicle for the 3rd time in the last year, just un-peel it (it won’t damage the surface) and stick it on the new surface.

The packaging is an advertisement in it self…   You get a dry-erase marker with each WallMate you order (and when you need new ones, check out Pentel’s Handyline Dry-Erase Markers, they’re The Motley Guy’s favorite!)  The WallMates come in three sizes: 12×18, 18×24 and 24×36 and they come in four-styles: monthly, yearly, weekly and plain-white.  The Motley Guy wants at least three of them, in fact, if I can make my office look like the one below, I’ll be happy:

Do you like what you see… These will sell like hotcakes, in fact blueberry hotcakes, those are my favorite!   For more information find your local Motley Guy for all the details…

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