BBF – Covering All Sectors & Gaining Momentum

Matt R May 28, 2011 0

What is BBF?  Never heard of it?  Yes you have… BBF is the newly revamped, super-fresh brand, formerly known as Bush Furniture, BBF = Bush Business Furniture.  Prepare yourselves: this isn’t your parent’s Bush Furniture, erase those memories!

BBF is bringing innovative and freshness to the office furniture category, that has The Motley Guy excited!  The first two lines that BBF are rolling out since changing to BBF are the Sector and Momentum.  Look at the title of this entry again, I was being sneaky:  “BBF – Covering All Sectors & Gaining Momentum” Get it: Sector and Momentum!


Did you hear that?  That was me laughing…


The Sector looks like this:

with pieces like these to accompany:

and there’s more…  The Sector is one of the two new modular desking and furniture storage solutions from BBF.  Anne Vazquez who writes for Today’s Facilities Management explains the Sector best:  “Sector’s contemporary design supports technology with robust wire management capabilities, storage, and ample workspace. The new collection is suitable for a variety of work settings including conventional and alternative office environments, as well as home offices. Sector products are mobile and lightweight, providing the flexibility needed when working in groups.” Thanks Anne…


But the Sector is one of only two of our new modular pieces, we took the momentum from Sector and created Momentum (my momentum jokes are getting old… losing momentum quickly)


The Momentum looks like this:

with detailed accessories like this:


The Momentum looks sharp!  I agree… This video tells the story:  (the video is only a minute long, I swear you have enough time to watch it)  Also, pay attention to the question at the end of the video:

Oops… Sorry, I thought he ended it with a question.


Did you like what you see? We can get you going in the right direction, contact your local Motley Guy for more information and details concerning everything new at BBF.

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