What’s in Your Pocket?

Matt R June 10, 2011 1

The Motley Guy confession: I wear pleated-dress pants over flat-front pants!

Despite the continued encouragement from The Motley Gal to switch my style (she wants me to stay “young”), pleated-pants are just more comfortable for me.  In addition the front pockets are larger which is great for keys, cell phone and most importantly my always disappearing chap-stick (chap-stick’s are like Pens, they always disappear, I wrote about that mystery earlier, read here).  Looking back I’m ecstatic I never switched, those pockets are coming in handy for what was just rolled out by 3M.


I’d like to introduce to you: the full-line, newly-enhanced 3M Pocket Projectors, the MPro series: 150, 160 & 180.  Check out the 150 and 180 below (get your 3-D glasses out for these):





These pocket-projectors are the ultimate on-the-go, portable, electronic presenting device out on the market.  In essence (figuratively speaking), 3M borrowed Rick Moranis’s “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” shrinking device, zoomed it on a standard projector and shrunk it down to fit in our pocket, so you and I could put it in our pocket and present anywhere, anytime we needed to at the drop of a hat.  Pretty Cool!


There are so many features, 3M was nice enough to give us a breakdown comparision of the 3-models, check it out:

That’s a lot of info:  Either way, I need to get me one of those… if you’d like more information on the MPro, or would like a demo, contact your local Motley Guy and we’ll get you taken care or.  Enjoy!

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