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Matt R July 21, 2011 1

I consider myself to be pretty – “hip” –  a pretty cool little guy.  I mean come on… look at me, who can wear glasses as large as mine and still pull off a good look.

With that said, me being cool doesn’t happen overnight, I spend a lot of time working on being “hip.”  One way to help the process is that I read the Urban Dictionary ALOT!  I was reading the Urban Dictionary this morning and I came across such a cool word: “BRANDULARY.” Do you know what that means in todays world?  Check out the definition below (or you can read the full-definition here.)



I spend a ton of time using my ShopVac around my house and I spend even more time telling others about how awesome ShopVac products are.  When I came across this word this morning, it hit me!  ShopVac’s are “Brandulary.”   Just the other day, in the midst of the dog days of summer my AC unit began building up condensation and flooded my wash down room.  The first thing that came to my mind was “we need to shop-vac this ASAP!”  That’s interesting when you think about it: Shop-Vac is the brand, but most people consider the name of the action to be the same term as the brand itself, while the brand was responsible for creating the term we use for the action, follow that? If not, read it again…

It’s safe to say that ShopVac set the precedence in this market, their name has earned that respect.  I want to remind you that ShopVac’s aren’t just used for home or industrial use but they are also used for office-space and can be purchased from any of your local office supply dealers.  Every storage closet in every office in America should have a Shop-Vac, it’s very simple… Here are some of the coolest ShopVac options offered in the office product industry:

Those are just some of the what’s out there for your office space… just remember, in order to stay cool and “hip” in today’s world, Brandulary is a big word!  Please don’t say you’re going to “Shop-Vac” your next spill or clean-up and NOT use a Shop-Vac Brand product to do it… That makes The Motley Guy not eat for days…

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  1. Matthew August 26, 2011 at 2:55 pm -

    Hurricane Irene – here she comes!!!!!! Get your hands on one of these Wet/Dry vac so you’re prepared when the water comes!

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