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Matt R August 4, 2011 0

If I told you there was a shredder out on the market that acted like a computer, what would your inital reaction be?

Confused?  Curious?  Wouldn’t believe it?

I’m guessing you thought something like that because those are some of the same thoughts the Motley Guy had.   Well, let me break it down for you, because there is a shredder that acts like a computer, at least in some of it’s capabilities and HSM has it.

The new shredder line from HSM, the Securio line has a unique feature that’ll remind you of your nice desktop computer sitting on your desk.  When you don’t use your computer for a little while, what happens?  It’s nice enough to go into sleep mode and cut down on the electricity, to help save you money and your energy.  Then when you walk back up to your computer to use it, it pops back awake and is ready to go.  Well, you guessed it, our HSM shredders do the same.  Take a look at the Securio machine below:



Our Securio has an EMCS system (Energy Management Control System) that allows the machines to go into energy-saving mode two minutes after being used and will completely shut down after 4 hours of zero use.  Then when you’re ready to resume your shredding, simply hit the elegant on key and you’re ready to go.

In addition the Securio is equipped with different function settings to use for different types of shredding to once again, help control your energy usage.  If you plan on shredding small documents or small items like a credit card, cd, etc…, put the machine in temporary mode, the machine will run for 10 secs and shut off after the 10 secs.

The Securio series has grown over the years and can now serve anywhere from small shredding volumes at your individual workspace to be placed in a central location within your office to cover your entire office’s shredding needs.  In addition, the Securio will keep you secured at whichever level shredding you desire; anywhere from level 1 up to government required level 6.

(in need of confetti, our level-6 can help you with that too)

With the ability to reduce your energy consumption up to 90% with your shredding needs, why think about getting another other type of shredder than the Securio?

That’s the type of question that keeps the Motley Guy up at night.

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