Germaphobes take to the classrooms!

Matt R August 27, 2011 0

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!! I realize most of you probably aren’t still in elementary school. Me, well, I have kids of my own in schools these days! And if there’s one thing that makes my hair stand on end, it’s going to pick one of these kiddies up and seeing everyone coughing and sneezing into their hands and all sorts of other things (gross!) Classrooms have more bacteria these days than ever before – I know my kids are ALWAYS getting sick! Which is why we should start buying more products with ANTIMICROBIAL surfaces!


Anti-WHAT? Anti-microbial deters germs from sticking to heavily-touched surfaces like door handles, toilet flushers, and well, pencil sharpeners. The geniuses at Stanley Bostitch have taken to the classrooms with anti-microbial pencil sharpeners, like this twist on an old classic. Click here to learn more and check in next for anti-microbial staplers!

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