Paper from Paper – Not from Trees

Matt R September 8, 2011 0

Think about how much better the world would be if everyone took this approach, think about how many more trees we could save if everyone made their paper from paper, rather than trees.

With that said, I have some good news and I have some bad news.  Which one do you want first?  Bad?  Okay…

  • Bad News:  not all manufacturer’s take this approach, some still resort to the good ole’ tree-chopping, forest-eroding, old  school way of making paper.
  • Good News:  there are some manufacturer’s that do the take the green approach and even better news is that you get the opportunity to support them.
One of those manufacturer’s that lives by the “making paper from paper, not from trees” theory is Marcal Manufacturing… in fact, that’s their very own slogan!  You can read about the history of Marcal here.
Located in Elmwood Park, NJ, Marcal is trying to get a message across to you that, even if you may think, you’re just one person, one business, one household, etc… how much of a difference can you really make… Well, Marcal has a tree calculator, have you ever seen this?  It doesn’t get much cooler than a tree calculator…
Let’s create a hypothetical situation for a second: (The Motley Guy loves playing this game)  Let’s say you have 20 people in your office… Bring out the tree calculator:
So we put the 20 people from your office in the calculator and based on the usage that is below the calculator, what will your results be?
Are you kidding me???  For a 20-person office, as small as you may think your office is, over 20 years you can save 170 trees?  That’s incredible!!!  All by buying more of this:
Yep!  It’s that easy… Listen to the message from the CEO of Marcal below:

Contact your local Motley Rep for more information or contact your go-to office supply dealer to get on board the Marcal paper bandwagon!

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