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Matt R September 23, 2011 0

One of my newest manufacturer friends recently came into my life with something so exciting, so cool that I’m bubbling over with excitement for my new friend.  You’re familiar with Ghent and all their cool products which you can read about here and here, well Vividboard owned by GMI companies which also owns Ghent, has something that may give you the exact answer you’re looking for to jazz up your office, store, window-front, etc…  Let me explain:

You’ve seen signs like these before:

Of course you have… Its football season and the chances you’ve been a bar/restaurant recently is very high (in case your curious, The Motley Guy likes the Redskins).  Have you ever thought: who makes those cool marketing boards?  I have an answer… Vividboard makes those boards.

In 2002 Vividboard came to surface with the goal of changing the way traditional whiteboards are produced and used.  They pursued embedding images right into the surface, to enhance the entire look and purpose of the board and were successful at their mission.  They realized that sometimes markerboards need to have the information on them that GRAB THE ATTENTION of the people viewing them, there in lies Vividboard.

With that said, you may be wondering, how will this work in my office?  I don’t let my employees drink tequila during the hours… Easily, whether you work in financial markets, manufacturing, commercial, healthcare, law… you name it, our Vividboard’s can be designed to cater to a need no matter what that need may be.  Take a look at some various examples and start brainstorming ways you could utilize a similar type of board in your workplace:

Those are pretty cool, huh?  If you like what you see or have an idea and want to see if it’s a workable option, search the “Contact Us” box and get in touch with you local Motley Rep or contact your local office supply dealer.  AND… if/when you place an order, come back to this article and watch the video below, it walks you through how to install the board nice and easy… consider this video to be your personal assistant courtesy of The Motley Guy… Thanks for checking in with us!

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