There’s a “Quiet Glow” from Stanley Bostitch?

Matt R October 17, 2011 0

You remember when you were a kid in grade school and your teachers would get upset with you for sharpening your pencils while they were talking?  I remember there would always be that awkward stare they’d give me, “Mr. Motley, please don’t disrupt the class in the middle of my teaching, you know how loud the pencil sharpener can be.”

I’m sure you remember it… well something had to change, because classroom disruptions were getting to be at an all-time high.  In addition, the office environment wasn’t great either, disruptions were happening all around us.

Thank fully Stanley Bostitch stepped up to the plate.  Let me introduce to you the brand-new:




The QUIETSHARP GLOW from Stanley Bostitch.  

I can guess, that after I tell you about the features of the new EPS11HC, you will say “WOW! I never knew someone could have that many features built into a pencil sharpeners.”

  • 70% faster with the ability to sharpen a pencil in 3.0 secs.
  • Built with our Quiet Sharp technology
  • SharpStop, tip-saver.  Stops sharpening once pencil has been sharpened.
  • MagnaSafe Shutoff.  Machine turns off once the collection bin has been removed
  • SharpGlow lights up when the pencil has been completed
  • Tri-Write compatiable
  • Colored Pencil Compatiable
  • has a replaceable cutting cylinder… now that is cool.
One of the features that makes this model unique is the replaceable cutting cylinder.  The cutting cylinder can easily be removed as the front cover simply pops-off and the cylinder can be twisted out.  Having access to the cutting blade is great to be able to clean the blades, after those pesky kids or employees chose to play a game and sharpen their erasers or to be able to replace the blades once they begin to lose their sharpness.  On this model the cutting cylinder can be purchased “a’la carte” (that means by itself… I took French in grade school).  Being able to solely purchase the cutting cylinder and and not having to replace an entire machine is surely going to be able to save you plenty of:
This will save you money and the headache from those pesky sharpeners that sound like a barista brewing up your morning coffee.
Contact your local office supply dealer for more information.

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