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Matt R November 10, 2011 0

Have you ever met a couple and thought: how in the world did they ever get married, their complete opposites?  Despite their differences, they’ve spent years and years in wedding bliss, to the amazement of all those around.  I love those stories, I’m compelled and intrigued to learn more about those stories…

Here’s a similar “opposites attract” type story for you be smitten with;  the ultimate paper planning company Mead® designing a product for the ultimate technology company with their brand new Mead® Cambridge™ Business Notebook and iPad Case.  See below:

 Fresh on the market, this new notebook/case hybrid brings the best of both worlds together.  iPad’s are amazing, I own one and love it.  With that said, I do find myself needing a notebook to jot down notes, ideas, to-do’s, etc… on a daily basis.  To avoid the current frustration of having to carry a notebook as well as my iPad (with it’s own case), this new notebook allows for both parties to be together.

With dual pen-holders I’m able to carry my Pentel writing instruments with me as I go, so when it comes time to take a note, I’m all set.  The case has the capabilities to fit both the first edition iPad as well as the current iPad2.  To protect the screen, Mead® designed a felt flap that flips over protecting the screen and adding an extra layer securing the position of the iPad.  When you’ve used all the pages in your notebook, the notebook is refillable, so I’d advise you to keep a couple on hand.  Coming in a zippered alligator/crocodile (I can never tell the skins apart) red or a plain black leather strapped version, you have options to jazz up your case according to your style.

Do you like what you see?  The Motley Guy approves of this product…

Black: Item #: 67133  Red: Item #:67136

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