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Matt R March 21, 2012 0

I hope the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Stanley” isn’t what my mom thinks of; Stanley Roper from Three’s Company.   I grew up watching Three’s Company with my mom (her favorite show) as I studied office products and I’ll always remember hearing my mom laugh, when Mrs. Roper, played by Audra Lindley, in her infectious California squeaky accent would say: “Oh Staaannnlleey.”  My mom would laugh everytime.

As a student of office products, when I hear the word “Stanley” I immediately think of Stanley Bostitch, the office-supply division of the Stanley Tool company. Stanley-Bostitch is excited to roll-out a new stapler that is primed to be an “epic” stapler in the market. In fact, they believe in this stapler so much, they called it their “Epic” stapler.

Take a look at the new line of Epic Staplers:

We understand the challenge to remain innovative in the stapler field, but we did some things here with the Epic stapler that we think you’ll like.  How about the new vertical-standing option that allows our staplers to stand-up straight, saving desktop space on the top of your desk.

We added a built-in staple remover on the bottom of each of our Epic staplers for the ultimate-convenience.

Lastly, we added, which is my favorite feature: the under-side staple storage compartment.  This allows you to carry back-up staplers with your stapler so no matter where it goes or who barrows it, you’ll have extra staples with you at all times.

So whether its our:

  • BOS – B777 BLK
  • BOS – B777 RED
  • BOS – B777 BLUE

Get yourself one of these today… ready to buy, ready to sell.  Have fun!

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