3M releases details of new projectors on The Street

Matt R March 26, 2012 1

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Have you been looking in your 2012 3M Office Products catalog lately?  Do you even have one?  (If you don’t, ask us for it)  Nonetheless, on p. 30 you will find a growing array of Pocket Projectors from 3M?  Well they’re serious about these little gadgets and this week 3M announced two more units to their lineup! The MP410 and the MP220 were discussed on The Street with Gabe Wiebenga from 3M’s Mobile Interactive Solutions Division.


300 lumens in a mini pocket projector



What’s great about this release is that now you can get your hands on a seriously-cool and high-end unit for just $599! This MP410 sports 300 lumens – ten times more than normal pocket projectors! That means you can show an audience your powerpoint, new website, home videos, err……. you get the idea. Check it out!! New from www.3m.com

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  1. Rick Flounders April 1, 2012 at 10:17 am -

    The TV exposure should ramp up the awareness of this new great product line from 3M. Great stuff!

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