Let’s Ghent Together

Emily G. January 8, 2014 0

It’s undeniable: you have to collaborate to survive. From school projects to running the largest businesses, humans perform best when working with others. No person is an island, and your work environment should reflect that!

This is why Ghent has come out with their newest line of whiteboards. From rolling easels to dry-erase boards that will take up your entire wall, they want you to explore your collaborative spirit. After all, isn’t it a great feeling when you come out of a meeting with a board full of notes? Seeing all of your ideas in writing can really give you a productivity boost!

Ghent Nexus2

What are you waiting for? You and your colleagues could be on the verge of the next great idea. Let Ghent give you the tools to collaborate to the best of your ability! As they say at Ghent, “Communicate, collaborate, learn.”

Ask your Motley rep for details!

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