Time for a New You… Or a Numi

Matt R July 17, 2014 0

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember a few classic lines my parents would always tell me: “don’t talk to strangers,” “look both ways before crossing the street,” “don’t believe everything you hear,” etc… We’ve all heard them at some point of our lives, it’s tradition!

As I’ve grown-up, the “don’t believe everything you hear” is the one that still pops its nasty little head up most frequently.  I don’t mind talking to strangers and crossing the road, although I should be more careful, not believing everything I hear occurs most often.

I was watching TV last night, one of the dozen fast-food commercials came on, stating, as did the previous 11, “using nothing BUT the freshest of ingredients” – Umm… Really?  Oh wait… my parents told me “don’t believe everything you hear,” this is one of those of those rare times I should listen to them.

Many in the food and beverage world always claim to use nothing but the freshest of ingredients but of course that only holds true to a small selection of those folks… I will make my parents proud to let them know, I did the research when it came to my newest and most favorite Tea, Numi Tea.

They really do use the freshest of ingredients!

For the past year, the Motley household has been drinking nothing but Numi tea.  As stated by the folks at Numi, they “let Nature speak for itself.”  They hand-pick premium organic teas and herbs and blend them with only real fruits, flowers and spices.   There is no need to apply “natural” flavorings or fragrances to create flavor since they only use real ingredients and the highest quality teas & herbs (no tea dust or fannings).  See Mom… I did my research.

In all honesty, I didn’t need to do the research, I just had to open a pack of Numi Tea and I could see the difference.  Take a look at the picture below, I opened two tea bags of Numi (on the right) and two bags of what was in my pantry (on the left) – (chances are it’s what’s in your cabinet too, no need to name names here, just know its not Numi and you’ve probaly drank it for years) put them side by side, just look at the texture difference, look at the differences in the size of the leaves and the overall amount of tea leaves you get compared to that other group. WOW!

The flavors are plentiful:

If you’re like me and typically “don’t believe everything you hear” then I encourage you to not just take my word on it but go give Numi Tea a try for yourself…

Now available so feel free to buy em’ and sell em’


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