Set Collaboration Free

Emily G. October 22, 2014 0

Whiteboards are great tools for collaboration, but they’re not always well suited for a fast-paced work environment. They can be expensive, bulky, and fragile, and you don’t want to spend valuable work time trying to replace and reinstall your dry erase boards!


Luckily, Post-It has come up with a great solution for any workspace: Dry Erase Surfaces! With this new product, any surface is a dry erase board. Stick Post-It Dry Erase Surfaces on a blank wall or an old table for instant collaboration. It’s guaranteed to change your workspace for the better.

Check out these two videos (1, 2) for some great examples of how Post-It’s Dry Erase Surfaces are revolutionizing workspaces, and be sure to ask your JMA rep for details!

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