8 cents for a quart of glass cleaner

Matt R November 14, 2016 0

You were wondering what that R2D2-looking robot thing was? In a second you’re going to find out, and then you will want one.

Think about a bottle of Windex. Yes, the glass cleaner – comes in a plastic, quart-sized spray bottle. You buy bottle for about $3.50 at most stores, and a gallon of concentrate for about $6, right? Think you’re pretty smart buying the gallon? Think again.

Windex and other other light duty cleaners are about 98% water. No surprise there, but when you realize how that much water factors into (a) cost per volume, and (b) cost of freight – water is heavy after all, then you begin to second guess your $6 gallon being a good deal.

Welcome to Enviro Solutions and the world of hurt they put on Windex.

Instead of $1.50/quart, you can mix your own glass cleaner, and other light duty cleaners, for 8 cents/quart. Yes, you read that right. These earth-friendly concentrates mix with H2O right out of your faucet, at very particular ratios, and thus avoid you the burden of lost $$ on water waste + water weight!

So how do you achieve these particular mixing ratios, you may wonder? Back to our friend R2D2 – call him the mix master. He wall mounts and holds two gallon sized concentrates in a broom closet or work room. His little brother: the portable trigger, has the same tricks but can only do one concentrate at a time.

Medium duty concentrates clock in around $.30/qt and heavy duty ones are around $.75/qt. Your Motley Rep will be able to tell you more about how to qualify for a reduced-cost wall mount dispenser with your opening purchase. So to get you started, click here to view the full line offering.

Just don’t say we didn’t help you ever save money!

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