Alas, flu season is upon us…..

Matt R May 15, 2017 0

…. But fear not my friends: the good folks at Purell got us covered! (you know those guys: they make the #1 most trusted brand in hand sanitizer, but no biggie).

By using Purell sanitizing wipes on your hands and furniture, you’re killing 99.99% of germs, preventing yourself and the people you care about from getting sick….it’s that easy!

Purell wipes are easy to carry with you in a purse or briefcase and great to have on your desk at work.
Ask your office supplies dealer for item numbers such as GOJ902210BX (individually wrapped towelettes), GOJ911306EA (270 wipe canister), and GOJ911701 (1200 wipe carton).

Here’s my first look at the new 15 ct travel size wipes:

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