An Apple a Day… Makes 3M Happy!

Matt R November 3, 2011 0

Question Time!

Take a look at the picture below: “which apple does NOT belong?”

No, the answer is not either of the green apples, it’s the Red Post-It® Note Apple Dispenser.  I’m not quite sure how you weren’t able to get that correct, but nevertheless, let’s talk about this new dispenser.

When you slice into this new dispenser, the first thing you’ll notice is there are no seeds!  This is a seedless Apple.

Freshly on the market, what a great addition to your desk this sand-weighted, Post-It note dispenser will make.  Growing up we all participated in giving our teacher an apple at one point, or we at least thought about it.  Apple’s give off great vibes, they make you feel good, hence why doctors have been living by the medical practice of “an apple a day, allows the doctor to do less work.”

Compatible with our standard 3×3 Pop-up note pads, add THIS to your cart, next time you’re placing that special order.

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Item#: MMMAPL330

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