The Comfort of using a Laptop

Matt R December 29, 2011 1

Everyone always likes to make jokes in my direction when I walk around the office with my 3M Apple Note dispenser connected to my laptop.  The other day, I decided to put the double-sided Command adhesive on the front of my laptop and I stick my Apple dispenser to it, it sticks perfectly.  I don’t understand the jokes.  I love post-it notes and when I’m on the go, I need my dispenser with me at all times.  I understand it’s a little cumbersome, but to reassure I have my notes with me nearby, I’m willing to sacrifice the awkwardness that it creates.  Unless you have something better to recommend, I have to go with this…

I quickly learned why my co-workers were making jokes… Because they were walking around with their laptops AND these:

The brand-new Laptop Note Dispensers from 3M.  These new notes give you the notes you need, when—and where—you need them.  The dispenser sticks firmly, repositions easily and removes cleanly. Dispenser is refillable, slim and durable and includes 3 x 3 Canary Yellow notes.

Simply un-peel the adhesive strip on the back of the dispenser, stick it on your laptop and off you go.  Simple, clean and efficient.

I can now leave my Apple dispenser on my desk, where it belongs.

Item #: LND3303PK

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  1. Matt April 23, 2012 at 2:58 pm -

    Sure works great on the laptop, but you can stick the Laptop Note Dispensers to just about anything with a hard surface, and keep a Post-it note handy wherever you’re likely to need it most:

    -Bedside table (think: lying in bed at night and think of something important)
    -By the phone for taking messages
    -In the car

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