Color Me Glad. Awfully Glad indeed!

Matt R February 14, 2012 0

It’s pretty clear where 3M and Post-It’s are choosing to put their attentions towards this year: Color!

This year we are trying our best to personalize our Post-It notes to your exact style/mood/feeling, etc… or hoping our new color assortment of Post-It notes will help you get to the feeling you were trying to get to.   Our notes are all about colors, brighter colors, cooler colors, themed colors and more…

Which color suits your style best you may ask?  Great question!  3M is here to help you solve that, take our online Color Personality quiz:

Which of the 8-styles are you?

Is it just me but don’t these new colors just put you in a better mood at work, add a little spice for your office?  I think so…

Enjoy the new colors and feel free to start buying them and selling them… Available now!

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