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Matt R May 31, 2012 0

I don’t know about you, but it always frustrates me when I hear people talk about all the wonderful things they’d love to do or see but the whole time they’re talking, they’re doing so with a sense that none of which they’re saying is possible and will probably never happen. Are you familiar with those conversations?

Lets randomly take a company who’s interested in getting custom designed binders for their workplace.  They start talking about how they’d love them to be orange, with their fun logo on the bottom right as well as on the spine.  Then on the center of the binder, they could put the event details front and center and shadow the logo behind the event details making a modified 3-d effect on the binder. They’d have 100 binders made, hand them out to all their top-customers and the customers would love them and be reminded of the company name everytime they’d see the binder. All that would be awesome.

The employees begin having fun with all these creative ideas but it almost always seems that they begin to taper their excitement near the end of the conversation by saying, “yeah, that would be cool, but I don’t know, it seems tough to do and probably pretty expensive…screw it.”  And just like that, the creative idea of having a custom-binder went from being the coolest thing of the day, to a 60-second period of excitement that quickly faded away.

I’m hear to tell you: don’t compromise when you can customize.  If you have some cool ideas for your customized binders, Samsill has you covered.  With full-range flexibility with your custom binders, if you want it, most likely we can do it, just ask!

You want color options?  We have colors for days:

You want your logo on the binder, or even two logos on the binder, just let us know:

Now watch this and try to keep up:

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