Summer Shoes!

Matt R May 31, 2012 0

Ladies… summer is right around the corner and there is NO better time to step-up your shoe game than today!

Now I know what you may be thinking, I’m just a little ole’ Motley Guy, what do I know about womens heels, pumps, stilletos, etc…?   I will give you this, I know barely enough to correctly write: heels, pumps and stilletos.  Someone told me to write those words.

Thankfully, the Motley Guy lives under the roof with a real fashionista, my wife, Mrs. Motley Guy!  She actually writes about women’s fashion stuff, true-story, you can read her stuff here.  I asked her is she approves of the new Scotch collection and she gave me two thumbs up.  So I’ll go with that!

Check out the full shoe collection from 3M/Scotch below:

  • Top Left (Two-Tone):  MMMC30SHOETT
  • Top Right ( Black):       MMMC30SHOEB
  • Bottom Left (Pink):      MMMC30SHOEH
  • Bottom Right (Red):    MMMC30SHOE
Enjoy Your New Shoes!

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