Fight Fire with Phoenix… Fire Safes and Files that is

Ellie S. August 10, 2012 0

The Motley Guy is excited about this one:  the folks over at Phoenix Safe ( have a full line of Fire Safes and Fire File Cabinets to protect your documents and valuables.

Let’s face it, no one expects to actually have a fire, much less rely on their fire safe to protect their valuables. But if the time comes when you do need to rely on a safe, you can’t beat Phoenix.

Phoenix World Class and Business Class fire files work from the inside out to safeguard your records. Here are some of the individual parts that add up to unparalleled protection for your paper documents and digital media (CDs, DVDs, USBs and memory sticks) from fire, water and theft.

Feature List

  1. Solid, one-piece steel construction of the outer body provides superb durability
  2. High-sided drawers and adjustable rails fit legal- or letter-sized hanging folders in legal-width and lateral files
  3. Movable dividers accommodate standard folder filing in vertical files
  4. Selective, key-operated plunger locks ensure privacy
  5. Proprietary Styronite insulation ensures a world-recognized certification of Class 350 – 1-hour fire protection from Europe’s prestigious SP Institute; files are also explosion- and impact-resistant
  6. Independently insulated drawers protect closed compartments if one is left open
  7. Inner steel jackets prevent access from unlocked compartments and insulation from touching your documents
  8. Labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage from fire-hose spray or sprinklers
  9. Lock-bypass mechanism allows selected drawers to remain unlocked, even when the file is locked

Make sure you contact Phoenix Safe today to get you valuables and important files protected so you can rest easy!


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