“I can’t even track dirty shoes on my Carpets anymore with Scotchgard’s protection!”

Emily G. March 11, 2014 0

#AlwaysBePrepared — Ah, the boy scout motto stands true every day even as an adult! I learned one good lesson this month: cleaning is hard work, but resisting dirt is easy with Scotch-Gard®. Have your janitor hit heavy dirt traffic areas with the Carpet & Rug Protector; sofas, chairs, loveseats and pillows with the Fabric & Upholstery Protector; your office and car chairs with Seat Protector.

The science behind these products goes to work building a tough, protective layer to will away dirt before it settles in for the long haul. That means you don’t spend frustrated time cleaning after clumsy spills and accidents. Just be safe and protect your sensitive surfaces #alwaysbeprepared


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