Express Yourself… Without the Property Damage!

Emily G. March 12, 2014 0

Everybody knows that there’s no good way to hang a poster. Either you put it up with normal tape (and have to rehang it after it falls down every few days), or you use push pins and end up putting holes in your posters and the walls. People need a way to decorate a space without the hassle or inconvenience of these conventional methods, and now, thanks to Scotch, there is!
For the cleanest, most effective way to hang posters, turn to Wallsaver Removable Poster Tape from Scotch. This double sided tape sticks to–and comes off of–any type of wall. Wood, tile, glass, wallpaper, paint–you name it. Now everyone can decorate without putting a hole in their wall… or their budget!
Contact your Motley rep for more information, and be sure to look out for item number MMM109 at your office supply dealer!

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