Moving Stinks – So here’s our 3 Great Moving Tips

Emily G. April 28, 2014 0

From college to retirement, every person ends up moving quite a few times during their life. Moving will be tough no matter what you do, but there are definitely some nifty tricks to make it easier! I’m going to share a few of my best moving tips to help you out the next time you decide it’s time to relocate.
1) Organize your boxes
Nothing is worse than packing all your things and forgetting what you put in each box. The next time you move, make sure to label all your boxes by room or item (for example, “Kitchen” or “Books”). That way, you’ll never forget where you put your blender or your copy of The Great Gatsby!
2) Take pictures of your electronics
It’s happened to all of us: for one reason or another, we unplug our TV, move it around, and when it comes time to replace the wires, we have no idea where anything goes! Save yourself a headache and take pictures of all your electronics before you move. You’ll know exactly how to set up your television, no problem.
3) Use Scotch Moving & Storage Tape
When you move, you pack everything that you own; your entire life is stored in those cardboard moving boxes. To keep your belongings safe and unharmed, use the tape that everyone trusts most: Scotch. Scotch’s Moving & Storage Tape is the best product on the market: it’s sturdy, holding anything in place and it’s cost-efficient, beating other competing brands.
Click here for information on Scotch Moving & Storage Tape. Look for item numbers MMM36318, MMM3631, and MMM36313. Ask your Motley rep for details!

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