Nestlé Waters Supporting the Boston Community!

Emily G. May 28, 2014 0

I know that I’m a funny guy, but it’s time to get serious for a moment.

Office supplies are important, but there is nothing more important than supporting your community. Whether that is your neighborhood, city, state, or country, it’s essential to give back to the places and people who love you, protect you, and help you become a better person.

That’s exactly why Nestlé waters donated $250,000 to One Fund in support of the Boston Marathon. They decided to take a stand and support the hundreds of athletes and workers who dedicated themselves to making the marathon such a huge success.


Let’s follow Nestlé’s example by supporting our own communities. Do some volunteer work, plant a tree, or donate to a great cause–show that you care! And, of course, be an active consumer by buying your bottled water from Nestlé! Look out for item number NLE 101243, and ask your Motley rep for details!

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