Two Hands are Better than One. Headlamps light the way to smarter working.

Matt R January 15, 2017 0

Comfortable, secure and durable, these LED headlights from Energizer are the perfect solution for any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands. Yet most headlamps exceeding 250 lumens have a unique, rechargeable battery that requires a charging cable (lost that already) or worse, a charging station (definitely lost that!) Energizer has introduced the Vision HD+Focus with 250 lumens powered by three AAA Energizer batteries! That means when you need light, you have it with no wait. Keep a stock of extra batteries in your office supply closet or maintenance supplies room and never be in the dark.

The lineup I saw included the 80 lumen Vision, low-cost model; the 150 lumen Vision HD, the 200 lumen HD+ and the 250 lumen Vision HD+ Focus. However, if I know Energizer, they’ll be improving upon these with brighter LEDs in time to come!

Update: here’s my video review just posted to YouTube


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