Are you a Private Person? Maybe you should be more of one.

Ellie S. March 22, 2017 0

Jokes aside kiddo, you’re not the only one looking at your screen right now. That’s right: Janice in Accounting just walked by and saw you’re on The Motley Guy. Don’t worry? Fine.

Your colleague: Rick, who’s airborne right now, and working on that huge bonus-earning proposal for the whole team? His seat mate keeps glancing over to read Rick’s slides on your secret sauce that makes your whole company tick. Yikes!

Why don’t you do Rick a favor: email me, The Motley Guy right now with the make & model of laptop, tablet, smartphone or monitor you’re concerned with. I’ll get you squared away at no cost this time, because that’s how important workplace privacy is.

Maybe you get it….but Cindy in Purchasing doesn’t. Fear not friend, I’m ready for her, and her boss. Let’s get them data. That’s right – I’ve got lotsa data. Just tell me in your email what kind of company you are, and we’ll enclose a super handy packet of info. Just give us a few days with snail mail (email is always faster if that works!)

Think I’m full of bologna? Bring out the numbers:                               

                                                                                         [bonus: case studies for us real nerds!]

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