60 seconds of Trash Talk to Learn your Earth Day Lesson!

Matt R April 18, 2017 0

Enough excuses. Unless you’re a bro who crashed on his buddy’s futon last night, ’cause that party was outta control, and you’re awake & cleaning up like a….bro…. it’s time to learn how to take out the trash like a real adult.

Besides, when’s a better time than on Earth Day (this Saturday, ok!)

Before then, whydoncha spend 60 seconds watching The Motley Guy Talks Trash and learn how to throw away your garbage like a real human being. Mother Nature will thank us  – just do your part, OK?

Webster can liners come in a variety of capacities (bag size, measured in gallons or sometimes inches) and gauge (thickness of plastic, measured in millimeters) to fit your trash can and specific purpose.

Since you’re going easy on Mother Nature, try our Earthsense® Commercial can liners, which contain 75% recycled plastics (they’re just as strong, and even qualify for LEED credits!)

Ask your Motley rep for help today finding what item number you need, or click here for a handy guide to some of the more common Earthsense® can liner sizes. Thanks for tuning in! ~TMG

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