How important is the work that Chicago Lighthouse does for the blind and deaf? Only Time will Tell.

Matt R April 21, 2017 0

I know there’s a clock on your phone. Maybe that’s why you stopped wearing a watch. But riddle me this: how often do you find your battery dead before the day is done? That’s right…… you, my friend, are a good candidate for a CLOCK. You know –> 🕒 that. yes.

These marvelous devices mount on your wall (I know you have one of those) and do a fantastic job of making batteries last years, not hours. Their stately appearance demonstrates that you’re a real person, and you respect other people’s schedules.  Plus, studies show that wall mounted clocks make people 22% more punctual*.

And since telling time is all Chicago Lighthouse clocks do, they do it damn well. You can trust the quality of their products, just like the U.S. government does (in nearly every one of their buildings, in fact!)

Thanks to NBC for unveiling an important piece of CL’s production: the people who make these clocks.

Ask your Motley rep or office supplier about the fine offering of lovely clocks by Chicago Lighthouse, or click here to access sell sheets from the Motley Dropbox.

*77% of statistics are made up on the spot. Including this and that one 😉

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