Need an extra hand? How about two or three?

Matt R August 11, 2018 0

Unless you were born with a third arm, you inevitably have learned the limitations of having only two hands to hold with. That means two hands climbing a ladder. Or one hand to hammer while the other holds a nail….. and don’t you sometimes NEED another hand? Yes, and ESPECIALLY when you’re on the construction job site.

Safety is always the NUMBER ONE priority, and OSHA mandates that workers above the ground secure all tools so as to avoid dangerous drops that cause injury and fatalities. This is for real, kids.

The Ergodyne Squids tethering kits keep your stuff from hurting those below you, which checks the safety box. It also keeps tools close for ease of reaching them, for your own safety, which checks the convenience box. And they’re available from your office supplies, which checks all three boxes for ease of ordering and gets a big 👍 from The Motley Guy.

I got my hands on a few Squids tethers, and they were a breeze to attach to heavy and lightweight tools alike. I bounced heavy objects like my drills, wrenches and pliers to test their hold in my upcoming review video. Here’s the Accessory Anchor 3175 —  a heavy duty “catch all” for up to 400 lbs of tool weight. TMG reviews in this video:

Nothing that heavy in your toolbox? The typical Squids tether holds tools less than 10 lbs. Here’s the Ergodyne Workbook link and check out Squids starting on page 102.

Squids Tool Teathering

Squids tool tethering kits ensure safety by securing tools of all shapes and sizes right to your body. Whether you have a heavy drill or a metal wrench you never have to fear about dropping them with this lineup attached to your waist belt.


Check out this video review, and ask your motley rep for information about how to setup an order for your team! Need to get a sample in someone’s hands before ordering? No prob! Stay safe my friends ~TMG

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