What is NuBuild? It’s all-new Toner for your Printer…… like buying new car parts (just not from the car dealer)

Matt R August 22, 2018 0

We’re all in the rat race together. If you’re a rat with a home office, small office or no office (cool, if that’s working for you!) let me describe what everyone else does to execute print jobs: Buy expensive piece of equipment. Print. Replace toner. Print.  Add paper. Print. Fix jam. Replace toner. Replace it again. Repeat. Repeat. Don’t look at your bill. You looked? Ah!!

This mayhem went on for decades (and still is for some lunatics!), and companies like HP, Lexmark, Brother and other household names made billions of dollars off business shoppers with no alternatives.

Then one day, the market was offered something fresh and nearly as good-as-new: less-costly re-manufactured toner, which is made from used OEM cartridge parts, sold under different brand names (that’s original equipment manufacturer just FYI!) than the HP’s of the world.

Eco-Certified entered this “reman toner” market and to this day offers some of the highest quality toner your printer can digest. However, that wasn’t enough for their team: late last year they launched NuBuild™ the first ever and only line of new, non-brand name toner. Say what?!

NuBuild is made from all new components – nothing is taken from recycled toner (where problems can go wrong) which makes the quality nearly 99.9% against OEM. But what’s the difference? Well, you don’t pay half as much as you would for OEM.

Think of it like you’re buying parts for your car. At the dealership, you get new parts and pay top dollar because the car name is inscribed someplace. Or, you go to the Car Parts store (AutoZone, Napa, etc.)  and get the same, exact part for half as much, without a brand name on it, and it works ever bit as well.

Now that I’ve got your attention, know this:

  • Freight paid at $100 for registered dealers (are you registered?)
  • Toner ships to most US locations in 1 or 2 days max.
  • Customer Service answers the phone.
  • Over 500,000 cartridges in stock.
  • Aggressively competes with re-man prices!
  • No infringement on OEM intellectual property

NuBuild Toners™ created a new category and if you want learn more, watch their President give a 10 minute overview on everything you need to become a reseller.

Or, as your Motley rep for more information on becoming a registered dealer.

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