Everybody….. Stand UP! Work…… Carry on!

Andrew H October 23, 2018 0

You’ve heard this before: sitting is the new smoking. Your muscles atrophy (that means they wither away) when you don’t use them. It’s an unwanted, yet common condition for people who spend 8 hrs/day sitting at their desk in the same immobile position. That’s bad for health, and until now your best option was 3M’s AKT180LE – sit/stand keyboard.MMMSD60B

Alas: The Motley Guy is proud to introduce the
NEW 3M Precision Standing Desk!

Finally, an elegant way to transition from sitting to standing in seconds! Crafted from the highest quality materials and bearing the 3M name, item MMMSD60B boasts features to outperform even pricier adjustable sit/stand desks. For instance, an exclusive adjustable keyboard tilt allows users of all heights (yes, even taller than 6’2″!) a comfortable wrist position while standing and working.

Smooth, quiet height adjustment is made possible through gas assistance. That means gentle movements up & down – every time.

Included are popular accessories, such as the 3M Gel Wrist Rest to ease wrist discomfort, and the miraculous Precise™ Mouse Pad, which improves the performance of optical mice and can increase battery life by 50%.

The Precision Standing Desk is environmentally-friendly, consisting of 45% recycled content, so you can get those LEED credits. And best of all, you can stick two 24″ monitors on it comfortably, and it works with nearly all monitor arms. Also, no assembly required – you’ll be off to the races in minutes.

Suffer no more! Stand up to ailing office health hazards, and tell your boss you want the 3M Precision Standing Desk [link to brochure].



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