You’re at School. The kid next to you suddenly collapses. How do you help an unconscious person?

Matt R November 22, 2018 1

325,000 Americans die each year from SCA, which can be prevented by calling 911 and using Zoll’s AED. If you’ve missed our posts on preparing for Sudden Cardiac Arrest, you can click here to learn more.

The stories keep trickling in. This time it was a healthy, athletic Sophomore at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver. She collapsed and fellow students found her unconscious and without a pulse. Scary moments like this occur when you’re least expecting them ~ even from the young and healthy.

KATU's Stephen Mayer reports: Zoll AED Saves the life of a Sophomore athlete, Feb 2, 2017












AEDs are like fire extinguishers: you never want to need it, but if you do, you definitely don’t want to be without it. Investing in a Zoll AED means you have on-site Real CPR Help® which provides essential, real-time feedback as you give CPR to a victim. No other AED on the market offers this feature, so ask your office supply rep for more information and pricing today.

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  1. Matt R March 13, 2017 at 11:27 am -

    Thank you to one of our readers for sharing this life-saving story out of Lexington, Kentucky. The hero happened to be a Cardiologist, so he understood the urgency of quality CPR and a shock for this lucky SCA victim!

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