Sleeping during Winter & Construction: the 2 Seasons in New England.

Matt R April 1, 2019 0

Sleeping in just ain’t what it used to be! Welcome to fatherhood, they all say! Except for my wife, who says she wants to sleep more like me, so……errrr.

Without changing the subject, we live in a neighborhood where loud noises can’t be avoided. Wintertime there are those snowplows, plus the deafening sound of frozen rain turning to snowflakes (!!!). Rest of the year, it’s construction noise. My least favorite? Truck Reserve Beep.

Recently I fixed that problem for myself, snagging a few pairs of 3M’s E-A-R Ultrafit earplugs from a trade show (I advise you get into the next local supply dealer show and do what I do….outfit your car, briefcase, next to your pillow).

3M makes a range of ear protection products, and these measure in at just 25 dB; so I’m not firing off rifles near my ears…. but with one head on the pillow (or dashboard) and another stuffed with an Ultrafit, I’m in a world of my own, or so says my wife…..TMG

Please don’t forget to shop your office supplier for quality 3M ear protection. Thanks for tuning in!

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