The Original LifeStraw

Matt R May 8, 2019 0

Clean, drinkable water is important no matter your age, gender or place of work. If tap water where you live or work isn’t cutting it, upgrade your water game to Nestle’s local water service or ask your office supplier for info and pricing.

When you do, they’ll ask if you want a fancy schmancy dispenser, and the answer is…. up to you! I just prefer the simply manual pump dispenser, which means I never need to play the awkward game of “flip the bottle upside down and try not to floor my home”. This plastic pump is economically priced, screws right on top of either the 3gal or 5gal bottle jug, and quickly tops up my 16oz mug for those 6 refills I need each day. Here’s how it works (and installs, and cleans).

Please ask your office supplier for pricing and more information on water and accessory products. Thanks for reading! ~TMG

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