You’re at the doctor’s office……

Matt R June 3, 2019 0

…..and since you’re a smart, observant person, you notice & ask yourself: where on earth did my doctor get that bizarre file folder he’s got all my super secret stuff in?

Looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen at a supply store, right?

Well my friend, allow me to educate you on Custom Filing products, which are basically anything beyond the standard off-the-store-shelf item. Examples include printed folders, special materials or sizes beyond letter or legal; items with velcro, elastic, button or string closures, or even expanded pockets.

Those are Custom Filing products. And while paper products arguably are used less numerous industries still utilize custom folders on a daily basis, including doctors offices, hospitals, law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, banks & credit unions, manufacturers, courts, schools and universities.

Basically, these application-specific folders have a good reason to be used instead of a standard file folder from the office supply store, and there’s waaaay too many of them to get into now. Let’s just say that our friends at NECI have been making these since the beginning, and can help you get more. Send in a sample so NECI can quote apples to apples: thick quality paper, colors, fasteners……it’ll be easier for you, the salesperson.

Here’s the link to download the NECI Brochure

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