Give your N95 masks to healthcare workers or high risk people (COVID-19) not this guy.

Matt R April 2, 2020 0

The safety of ourselves and our healthcare workers is our top priority during these harrowing Coronavirus times. I was blissfully unaware when I shot this quick video last year in my basement before vacuuming, but I had a few still laying around (they have since gone to workers at MGH and high risk family).

The research I did at the time helped me sell through our distributor partners, and to appreciate that N95 masks have 3 micron wide holes, and that’s really small. How small are viruses? Can be 1 micron, but they generally group together making themselves too wide to enter the mask and therefore the nose or mouth. Therefore the claims say 99.99% effective – something like that.

Who needs 99.99% effectiveness during these frightening times of COVID-19 spreading across the globe? Healthcare workers on the front lines, and older, higher risk individuals, and those who are sick. The CDC does not suggest using these at this time if you are healthy, obeying social distancing, etc. My message is: if you have supplies of any brand of N95 respirators, please donate unused masks to local hospitals. Reusable full face respirators may also be of interest in hospitals where infected patients are tested and administered so if you have one of these puppies offer on loan – you may save a life. Stay safe and healthy!

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