Food films aren’t just for leftovers.

Matt R August 29, 2020 0

Dinner’s done. Saving leftovers? Wrap them and put in the fridge, right?

I grew up in a house with parents who wasted no food. Our kitchen had a permanent home for a roll of Stretchtite plastic wrap, on the left of the drawer just beside the silverware drawer. Sound familiar?

My sister and I would say we always helped with dishes and cleanup (and yes, I’m teaching my little guy to do the same). However, as a kiddo I always feared the sharp metal blade on the plastic wrap edge. It clipped several a finger growing up, and took until recently to master a clean straight tear, avoiding plastic waste whilst covering just the right amount of dish lip.

It took until even more recently to discover stretchtite included a plastic cutter tool!?! How come my parents didn’t use it, I’ll come to learn. For a few minutes I was very perturbed!

Being an adult, I make my own buying decisions and use Sealwrap instead of stretchtite. Realizing both were in da house and both are considered *best in class* I conducted a Side by Side test was in order. My son accompanied me. We’re in quarantine. Times are Tough.

Quick lesson: *best in class* means not all food films are created equal. PVC is superior to polyethylene because of elasticity and stickiness. Cost of materials makes this more expensive vs poly, but you get what you pay for, am I right?

Remember that plastic slide cutter I mentioned? Sealwrap has a more generous piece to grab hold of, but the deal breaker is the adhesive underside, allowing proper and permanent fixture to the box. Stretchtite’s? You sort of wedge it over the saw. It doesn’t stay put – making extra time out of putting it away each time…… not handy in my opinion. More to follow…..

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