Breathe In, Breathe Out. Simple as that. 5min Vid

Matt R January 1, 2021 0

Turns out, there are hundreds of different jobs endangering the health of workers. Just this past week I was visiting an auto body shop, and two mechanics were spraying new paint on a vehicle, and wearing these full face respirators. How did I know they were best in class by 3M? The sleek mask design and familiar color coded filters! See the 3M Respirator Selection Guide

The masks comes in three sizes to fit your face. I selected a medium (6′ average sized man) for my Motley review above. The universal mask works for gases and vapors, fine particulates and all kinds of airborne contaminants that you’d rather not ingest. Just select the appropriate filter cartridge and it locks right on. Change application? Easy to swap out. Just choose from the 3M Cartridge Filter Selection Guide.

Ask your Motley rep for pricing from your office supplier today!




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