I made a rubber stamp in 90 seconds

Matt R December 10, 2021 0

For six months I used the solid black Pelican case as support for studio equipment. A daunting experiment just kept on getting pushed out.

Inside the Pelican case was a machine, the size of an average inkjet printer, shiny black with very few buttons. Xstamper, the familiar brand we associate with Rubber Stamps, was emboldened on the top, cluing me into the nature of its purpose.

Known as the QuiX stamp making system, this unit lets the layman create pre-inked rubber stamps in MINUTES with zero knowledge or skill. I am contemplating a new line of work now…..

The daunting nature of this experiment evaporated once I realized how FUN it was to make my own stamps using the assortment of blank stamp kits that accompanied the machine in this Pelican case, meant to protect it in transit. In fact, three days after finally setting up Quix, becoming a pro and making my family address stamps for Xmas presents, I dropped the case off at UPS to head back to its owner. The following day I realized a thousand other possible uses and I wished the machine back again. Call it, “shippers remorse”.

This demo unit was available to me because COVID halted trade shows for a period of time and therefore the urgency of testing this latest QuiX model was not present in this circumstance. I put it off and wish I hadn’t! With Xmas just 2 weeks out now, I’m destined for fresh QuiX envy once again, once my family receives the fruits of my labor.

By the third stamp, I was down to about 90 seconds a stamp, each was three rows (a typical address style) and I’d be lying if I didn’t start my making one for myself (simple: blue ink, an elegant bold typeface). If I wanted to add images to the text, I could have. Much of the fun is showcased in the video I made. Check it out:

Imagine the possibilities!? One example just yesterday: my wife and I ordered our Christmas cards online – 250 total – and for an additional $80 (WTF?!) we could have our return address printed on each of the envelopes. Well, consider that a savings of $70!

In fact, $10 is probably about the cost of a blank Xstamper Quix kit. At present, there are over 48 format templates available for an unlimited number of applications. Here is a link to the QuiX site to see the full array of options.

I am only kicking myself for waiting so long to get QuiX setup. Believe me, for the investment in this machine it will pay dividends for years of use, whether personal or business.

On that topic: are you a business? As your office supplier for special pricing and more information! There are quantity discounts and programs available that Motley reps can help you with. That’s all from me for now. Please make sure to watch my video and let me know in the comments what you think?!

OK – Thanks for watching ~TMG!

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